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Rebecca A Field

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Rebecca’s home and office are in Silicon Valley, California, not very far from the shores of the blue Pacific. It is a scenic, historic, and light industrial area and for the last fifty nine years the south San Francisco Bay area has been a world center of the electronics and computer industry.

It is also a center of higher education and the light of the mind. Both Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley are in the vicinity as well as many other institutions of higher learning.

With 55 year long marriage with passed away partner, Ken, two wonderful sons were brought to life. Because of Rebecca’s international flare, they ‘adopted’ in their hearts, marvelous adults from several countries including: Tibet, Ethiopia, Japan, Korea, indigenous America and Mexico.

She holds an M.A. in Asian Philosophy, a Ph.D in Integral Psychology, a philosophical degree with an emphasis on the Perennial Philosophy and an MHROD in Organizational Development.


Rebecca founded GlobaLearn, an international educational nonprofit that was most active in India, Russia and the former Soviet Union. The organization assisted Tibetan refugees in India with business education.

Working in Russia

In Russia, the group offered health and business education and taught young people how to avoid sex slavery. Ukrainian work dealt with HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and care and information to help young people avoid human trafficking, especially regarding sex slavery.

Even though the Russian educational system has many merits and is academically superb, its graduates often lack practical business skills. Knowing this, Rebecca collaborated with a Russian nonprofit group in Saratov to bring business and health training to people in the region.

Most poignantly she collaborated with the Russian nonprofit in Saratov and taught boys and girls, young women and men what to watch out for to avoid the plague of sex slavery, a kind of indentured slavery that eventually kills most who become involved within a few years.

In her work in Russia, the former Soviet Union, and India, Rebecca was able to reach and help more than 50,000 people, mostly women, through business and sex trafficking avoidance education.

United Nations

Through her international work she attended a United Nations Summit in Copenhagen on Social Development and participated in a UN meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica and at New York Headquarters.

World Traveler

Originally from Denver, Colorado, she became a world traveler and now considers herself a global citizen. She resides in a small California town, that has lots of pizzazz. Their two sons also live in the Golden State.


Rebecca has been a writer all her life.

She wrote an ebook, Wealth Creation, to help women look at their finances in a practical and positive way. Although most of her work is academic—her first book –To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos, is alive with New Age information and gives hope and promise about the future of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Rebecca Field helps you unlock the life your soul wants to live

The book is about humanity and its potential to be a positive force in evolution and energizes Ghandi’s statement that, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Books – Amazon

To Choose The Fire of The Cosmos | The Great Invocation | Upcoming soon : Greatness – 21 Compelling Stories That Open The Heart.


Rebecca giving a lecture

Photo: Sophia Van Hoy

Other ways of contributing to the world is regular lectures, workshops and speaking engagements. Contact Rebecca for more informations and bookings.


Podcast by Rebecca Field

Gateways to Greatness is interviews of all kinds of people to hear their experience with humans or animals or just…greatness. Listen On!

PS: She quips that she is partly a farmer and has delightedly joined the backyard chicken movement. She wrote a book about her ‘girls’. [Children’s Books]

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