The Two Aspects of Mind

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The Two Aspects of Mind

The Two Aspects of Mind – The mind functions in two very different ways: it is receptive to higher thoughts or ideas and it is also capable of creating thoughts.

            In your own experience you know that your mind receives impressions that can be made into forms in the three dimensional world. For instance, someone who wants to build a new house goes to an architect and tells him what he envisions.  Then the architect may be playing baseball with the local neighborhood team and he hits a ball that goes deep into left field, slides into first base and as he readies himself to run to second base, he has a very strong but brief idea of the whole house  he wants to design for his client.

            As he sits at his drawing board bringing his impression into form, he realizes that his client may want some changes but he feels sure he has a good start on concretizing the brief vision he had of his impression. 

aspects of the mind

            The more spiritual side of this this same idea brings in the notion of intuition, also a mental quality. It is an open state of mind that gives people the ability to grasp information that can be quite subtle. Intuition comes from that level of life that uses the mind to gather higher level facts and insightful understanding of all kinds of things from the environment to the nature of people and their behavior.  Those who meditate a lot expand their own intuitive ability as they gradually gain the selflessness to open themselves to the process of intuition.

            In a subtle way the head center attaches itself to what is known as the rainbow bridge, an inner bridge between the human and the higher world. The ajna center deciphers the intuition into an identifiable inner mental image which, in turn, shows up in the mind as an ideal or a rough concretized impression of something that is a goal.

            This all happens with the speed of a flying bullet. Both functions of the mind, receptive and creative proceed. Fast! Clear! Insightful! Connected! And they leave a goal worth pursuing!

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