Love: Key to Unfolding Cooperation

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Love: Key to Unfolding Cooperation

Love: Key to Unfolding Cooperation  by Rebecca A Field


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Beauty had been shot in the face!

A bullet snapped off the upper part of her beak.

The goal of her would-be saviors was to help the great bald eagle return to the wild!

For the bird to go back to the wilderness it loved, loving people had to be involved.
A motley group of people hovered around the operating table where Beauty, a bald eagle was carefully and lovingly placed on her back and readied for yet another tedious dental procedure.

She wouldn’t have survived if a woman hadn’t found her and taken her home and carefully fed her for months. What to do about the huge bird was a mystery and a very difficult problem.
The woman consulted veterinarians, a civil engineer, a dentist and an unlikely assortment of highly trained professionals about creating a prosthesis for Beauty.

It took them months of exacting work. Beauty had to endure many sessions and long hours on the operating table to become probably the first bionic bald eagle in history!
The woman who found Beauty came to love the huge bird. As they bonded the woman talked to Beauty who seemed to answer by blinking her eyes.

Beauty became familiar with the woman’s voice and soft encouraging intonations. Over the months Beauty lived with the woman, she allowed her savior to carry her and to pet her. It even seemed that Beauty liked the lady to talk to her. Often human and bird looked tenderly into each other’s eyes. There was no fear. They became friends!



Every time work was done on Beauty and she had to lie still on an operating table, her friend held her, always careful of Beauty’s big and powerful talons. The lady talked to her and reassured her that everything would be all right. It took a lot of patience and courage for Beauty to go through the exacting process of getting a new beak.

The new one would be made of a nylon based polymer. Without the prosthesis Beauty would not survive in the wild.

She was unable to preen herself and she couldn’t eat like an adult eagle.
It was impressive to see a small group of caring and trained humans take care of the bird with great tenderness.

The woman who found Beauty wore padding on her arms taking care that the bird’s talons wouldn’t rip her flesh open. The dental crew carefully tied the bird’s feet together, so they could do no damage. The woman put her hands on the eagle’s chest so delicately, softly reassuring her. The bird was completely awake, its eyes blinking.
It took months for the engineer to create the bionic prosthesis for the bird. After Beauty’s final time on the operating table, she was kept in a special enclosure for a few days, to be sure that her new beak didn’t fall off. Happily for all,

Watch this moving video about Beauty…

Beauty’s new beak was solid and the people who saved her let her out and watched her circle around them in gratitude and soar into the blue sky.

For the humans left behind, helping Beauty was an act of love and demanded cooperation. Their act of love and the countless other acts of love given willingly by countless people around the globe constantly open channels that energize positive human emotions and lead to cooperation.

Rebecca Field

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  1. What a wonderfully heartwarming story!! Thank you so much for sharing this.


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