To Choose The Fire of The Cosmos

to choose the fire of the cosmosForeword by the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama wrote the foreword to the book and says, “It is time we discovered our human potential and the positive role that we can play in making the earth, our habitat, a place fit to live in. I am sure this book will contribute to creating such awareness.”


About the Book

To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos is about social and planetary transformation and points to the truth Gandhi mentioned when he said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

It’s time to change our attitude about almost everything!

It is an inspiring message about how we can partner with the Universe to meet the needs calling to us from people everywhere and from the planet itself. The challenge humanity faces is to develop a spiritual value system.

Rebecca believes that there is strong evidence that humanity is rising to the call of service to others. If for no other reason, the increase in the number of official and unofficial nonprofit organizations all over the world is astounding proof that humanity sees multiple needs and is doing whatever possible to be alert, alive and aligned with those needs and meet them in practical ways.

Some of the subjects the book covers are: the cosmic breath and the place each person has in human evolution along with humanity’s special place in creation; one section of the book deals with the impending catastrophe and with the
transformation of the crisis.

The author talks about the Masters or the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet and their vantage point on world problems. Emphasizing the spiritual trend and direction of humanity, Rebecca A Field finds that human nature is light. She outlines the lessons humanity needs to be learning to move out of the present crisis.

Paperback book: $17.95

Kindle book: $2.46


Inspiration to find our individual path to bring more light into the world.  Dr. Field has written an amazing, well researched and concise book applicable to both the general population, and the spiritually well educated reader. She inspires us each to find our individual path to increase the light, or godconsciousness in the world at large. She reminds us to focus on our purpose in life, in allignment with the universal connectedness of all beings. She calls us to the duty of increasing positive energy, the light, through love, compassion, rigourous self awareness and discipline, bringing forth the lightwarrior in each of us for the good of humanity! What will be your contribution to this important task? Particularly, review pages 70, 84+85, 105, and 107.”   ~Natalie Albert, LMFT Consultant

Kudo’s to Rebecca. I am a better person after reading “To Choose the Power OF The Cosmos.” Rebecca gives us hope for the future, and makes us more aware of the tools available for our use in building a better world. I highly recommend getting a copy as a Christmas gift for your reading friends.”   ~ Jack Bolger

Turning the complex into a simple message. I have been an avid reader of spiritual books for well over 35 years. To say this is one of my favorites is an understatement. Author, Rebecca Field, turns the complex into a very simple message, “We are here to live in harmony, love and peace.” With a commonsense approach to how we can live our lives as an example of what is possible, Dr. Field offers simple steps the reader can apply to their every day actions to make a difference in the world. From the moment I got my Kindle copy I delved into the book. About halfway through my thoughts were, “I sure hope she writes other books. I’m loving this.” A must read for anyone on a spiritual path…”    ~Kathleen Gage, creative internet marketing specialist, information product specialist and best selling book adviser at

A pertinent book for our critical era.. I have read the book “To Choose The Fire Of The Cosmos” by Rebecca Field, with a foreword by the Dalai Lama. I found it very inspiring and couldn’t put it down. It’s all about using our soul qualities to build a better world, and I was impressed to check out my music book of hymns because of her mention of Beethoven’s 9th symphony and part of it is indeed one of the hymns I love, his Ode to Joy. Many more great hymns admonish us to reach out and do our part to change the world. Dr. Field claims that there is a great evolution taking place and people are finding their part in the serving of humanity and saving the planet…from way back when some brave men wrote the Declaration of Independence. There is so much wrong in the world that has to be fixed and it is good to know that there is a great revolution taking place…so many people involved in working for organizations that fight for justice, helping the oppressed, starting clubs and reaching out. If you just do a small kindness for someone, or encourage a person in need of your strength, you are helping to raise the awareness of the whole of humanity to its purpose on earth. If we join a group that does some helpful service, or even if we can only help monetarily we are contributing something because if we lose the planet our money won’t do us any good anyway. She shows how we need to be part of the cosmic fire of this universe of which we are a small but integral part. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to read this book; I think everyone should read it.” ~IR Currie

Enlightening. Beautifully written and highly informative and uplifting. Inspires hope and the desire to be part of the bigger movement of transformation..” ~Reada


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