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Want to make a difference in the world?

Rebecca Field shows you how!

All that is required is that you know you want to end up somewhere better than you are now.

Rebecca’s private mentoring is for you if you are ready to become the change you want to see in your world. The main objective with any client that Rebecca works with is to help them gain clarity on their purpose, their message and their vision.

Your needs are specific to you. Therefore, this is a fully customized service offering and exclusive program reserved for serious minded people ready to fast track their service to themself and humanity.

Why Rebecca Field

To get to know Rebecca and consider if she is the best mentor to help you, click on the link below to glimpse at her life and philosophy.

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If there are some places where your background and experience coincide or correspond with mine, consider how you feel about it as a whole and about the overlapping experiences we share.  Know that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad about our related experiences, just a similarity, an open link that may offer a real, meaningful and powerful connection. It is up to you to act on it if you feel deep within you that connecting is right for you. ~Rebecca

Get in touch for this opportunity to learn more about her consulting and mentoring services.

One-on-one Mentoring

You will receive one-on-one time with Rebecca over the phone and/or via the web. The program requires interested candidate to complete an assessment. Based on your responses, Rebecca will either recommend other services or develop a customized proposal for you.

Women Leaders Rebecca FieldInterviews and Speaking Keynote

Does your organization have a need for a high energy speaker? If so, contact Rebecca to learn more about her speaking services.


Information products

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