Dealing with Impending Death

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Dealing with Impending Death

Dealing with Impending Death

A close friend of mine has been diagnosed with a fatal disease. For months she has been on oxygen 24/7. She expects she’ll live another four or five months.

oxygen life supportShe is far enough along in the progress of the illness that hospice has been called in.

She wrestles with all kinds of things from feeling a victim of unseen forces to questions arising from the extensive reading she has done from the Tibetan and the Western traditions.

She is unsettled because there are unanswered questions. Naturally! Prior to death most people have questions, even though they go through death often. Death is something that people go through again and again.

The soul is in charge of the death process, the vacating of the life energies of the heart and the head. Some people have a vision of their death period.


where do I go when I die?

Those far enough along the spiritual path to have continuity of consciousness, pass between life and death with their emotional nature still intact. They may remember their family and continue to love them.

There is a time in the dying process when the one who is dying must be given the chance to ready himself for the transition even if s/he is unconscious.

For the living left behind it is important to know that dying consists of one of the great triumphs of life.

In time people will understand the glory and the joy that goes with the final moments of life and happiness will be the emotional state of those left behind.


May we all cultivate that benevolent awareness and expression!
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Rebecca Field
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Inspired by A Treatise on White Magic, pp. 492- 500

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