Energetically Directing Illness

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Energetically Directing Illness

potential energy cellsEnergetically Directing Illness

Dad was shocked when a doctor told him he had diabetes. It was hard for him and for the family!

Although he handled the news well, he was philosophical about having to live the rest of his life on a diet that curtailed the use of sugar. Yet the doctor’s announcement had a bright side too for all of us. He saw the problem as a fairly natural occurrence.

After all he said, “I am over fifty and at this age the body is slowing down and diabetes is just a manifestation of getting older. I can live with it!”

Years after that when I was attending the University, I came home and watched Saturday evening TV with my parents. They had their dinner on TV trays. During advertising breaks from the Lawrence Welk Show, there were comments from them about how each of them dealt with Dad’s diabetes. Mom bought and fixed the right food for a diabetic diet. Dad welcomed the food and used his mind later on to deal with the disease in a creative and healing way.

Years after Dad’s diagnosis, he and I were in the car together and he told me how he had learned to cope with his fairly mild case of diabetes.

He had simply turned it over to God. He did this mentally and consciously realized that he was fortunate that the kind of diabetes he had could be dealt with without drugs or insulin. So one of his first steps was gratitude for being able to control the disease easily.


Another step was his acceptance of the illness and his willingness to cooperate with competent medical advice.

Since Dad told me that, I don’t think I ever heard anyone else say that they had given the disease to God.

Doing that was a sacrificial act, not the kind of sacrifice that allowed God to take over completely because he was willing to do his part to take good care of himself. Sacrifice is a difficult thing to understand because we usually think of “giving-up,” as a means of denying our responsibility, almost an inability to cope as making a sacrifice. However the understanding that sacrifice is a “taking-over” makes a lot of sense because it indicates the understanding of letting the soul identify with all life-forms and recognizing the divinity each seed of life has within it.

It is an immensely powerful recognition and one that really furthers human and planetary evolution!

The amazing thing was that after giving his diabetes to God, Dad became vastly better.

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