Fork in the road ; a possibility for service

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Fork in the road ; a possibility for service

The Possibility for Service

fork in the roadHave you ever been through a critical period in your life, one of those times when you sense a change is in the air and you find a fork in the road?

It can be one of those times when, whether you want it or not, a change is coming and you are going to have to make a major decision.

Examples could be that you feel some urgency within to start a small support group for women or you have a project in mind that would help young boys and girls of color.

You have several friends who might help you get something started. Are you willing to take the next step and make a few phone calls or write a few emails?

As you approach the necessity of a choice, you realize the needs of the world are many and especially huge at this time. Suddenly you see that you have a choice between engaging in a huge service to the world or disregarding what you know you could do to help others. You see that with your training and experience you have the potential of making an impact that could help ease the current milieu in a meaningful way.

You realize that your higher self is involved in the decision. So you take the first step, a little unsure of yourself, but you take that first step hoping that your friend or colleague would like to be involved in this project. After all she has talked about making a contribution for years and has done nothing. Yet she is selfless and that is the greatest gift she has, even though she has contacts in high places who could open doors for a project like you have in mind.

Fork in the road - the 3 c's in lifeThe question in your mind, is not so much about others as it is about you and your willingness to change, to be open, to get yourself out of the center of things and concentrate on the needs of your target group. You realize that you have the ability to motivate people. You have the right kind of business experience to help you handle crisis situations that might come up. You’ve done that many times before. After all handling such problems is in your blood. You know you want to do it, but you wonder if your higher self will come through and help you when the going gets tough.

Then the thought occurs to you that there is a higher plan for humanity and that is what is important, not you as a struggling personality, but as the higher self which is honed to help you succeed! Accept what is yours to do and get busy. The world is waiting for you!

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