Global Women’s Leadership Network 2013 International Awards

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Global Women’s Leadership Network 2013 International Awards

Global Women’s Leadership Network

The annual international awards ceremony for the Global Women’s Leadership Network was held in September 2013 in Santa Clara, California.

Global Womens Leadership NetworkFounded in 2004, Global Women’s Leadership Network is a non-profit
leadership development and community resource for women leaders around the world.

GWLN provides a residential leadership program, coaching and membership in a life-long global support community. The end result is a network of exceptional women who are visionary leaders ready to transform their communities.

Celebrating LOI 2013 GWLNI was happy to attend the event, alongside lovely people and friends such as Isha Daramy, Kelly Mizener (Suyla Sun) and Melanie St.James

Pictured below is Isha Daramy, (left) a midwife from Sierra Leone. Even though Isha has spent her life delivering babies, her cause is to lower the infant mortality rate in Sierra Leone.

The problem is that there is no light for midwives to see what they need to see to assist with a healthy and normal delivery. There is no electricity in rural areas of the country. One mother Isha knows has lost nine babies because problems came up and there was no light to help the mother who was giving birth.

Isha is trying to raise money to get emergency lights into the clinics there. Her dedication to her cause is deep and long. She has worked with the problem for many years.

Kelly Mizener is next. (third from left) , Kelley has a background in art and is a graduate of the GWLN program. She has served as the CEO of a lighting business that builds lights for developing countries. Kelly Lives in the San Jose, California area.

Melanie St. James is on the extreme right, also a graduate of the training of GWLN. She is Chairperson and Executive of the Global Summit Empowerment Works, a global sustainability think-tank dedicated to the advancement of whole system, locally- led solutions for a thriving world. Melanie is in the San Francisco Bay area.


Standing next to Isha (second from left), is myself, Rebecca Field, founder of GlobaLearn, an international educational nonprofit organization. I’ve worked with Tibetan refugees in India for fifteen years and with more than 50,000 Russians in the Saratov area. With the help of a collaborative Russian nonprofit, Russians and Americans worked together to bring education to girls and boys about ways to avoid sex slavery and sex trafficking.

I’ve also worked with Russian colleagues and taught young women in Saratov how to establish themselves successfully in business, using Russian ideals and values. Health education was also brought to poor women and men.

Even though the Russian educational system is exceptional, students in Russia are not taught about sex slavery or the problems that surround it; they taught poor women how to be successful entrepreneurs, and enlisted professional physicians to teach people in the Saratov Region ways they can monitor and take care of their own health, especially when serious diseases like heart trouble or diabetes lurk. Russians generally live closer to the earth than Americans do and so Russians are more used to taking care of their own health.

My husband and I adopted a Tibetan refugee and brought her to the US and put her through university training for Registered Nursing. Her name is Tashi, and she graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

I am currently active on a volunteer international committee of the United Nations which focuses on the global commons.


To learn more about GWLN and the Women Leaders for the World program, click here.

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