The Great Invocation – Handbook

the great invocation prayer book

Historical Background and Meaning

of the Great Prayer: A Handbook


As a global citizen and humanitarian networker, Dr. Field has studied The Great Invocation prayer for quite some years now and has come to the conclusion that its power will help the evolution of humanity, especially when spoken with consciousness and awareness.

The author’s book, ‘THE GREAT INVOCATION-Historical Background and Meaning of the Great Prayer: A Handbook‘ dives very deeply into the meaning of this very ancient prayer.

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The-Great-Invocation -A-Handbook-by-Rebecca-Field


This book was written to help people understand what was intended by the prayer, and to give them an idea of its great power.

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About the Author

Rebecca Field, Ph.D. has worked tirelessly to serve humanity in the United States, India, Russia, and the former Soviet Union. From attending committee meetings of the United Nations to working to prevent human trafficking, Dr. Field has made service to others her priority.

An avid student of global spiritual traditions, Dr. Field currently lives and works in California.

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