Kindness is What Will Most Influence The Future

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Kindness is What Will Most Influence The Future

Kindness is what will most influence the future

Kindness - View of Earth from Space Oct 2017Humankind is at a break point during this period, a time when we must make a collective decision about the direction we plan to take tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after that and on and on.  One word can describe it. It is KINDNESS!

Most people are given to actually practicing it a good portion of their lives. This one word—kindness—describes the energy, the principle, the first and most significant qualifying factor of the future. Of all the ideals we have, this one thing, kindness, is paramount to our co-creating a new culture, a different way of life and living and a long envisioned fresh way of going about being on planet earth. It will be a manifestation of those whose lives are deliberately directed at helping, supporting and caring about others.

kindness - refugees arrive by boatYet it seems we are far from all-inclusive living as if we were all connected and interdependent.

For example, at the national level what the U.S. government is doing to refugees arriving from foreign shores was shocking and horrifying. One story in particular stood out.

An American soldier snatched a three year-old from a Central American father who hugged his three year-old child. The baby was taken to a tent town where the child would be poorly fed, treated roughly and unkindly, robbed of his identity and native language and the nourishment and caring support of his parents in America’s hope that the child would naturally die, become a statistic, a nobody. He would be one less to have to bother with. In horrified anguish over the loss of his child, the man committed suicide, becoming a statistic of American horror and tyranny over poor and tragically vulnerable people who have never had any control over their own existence.

This is an example of an unconscionable and egregious crime against humanity. Humankind can hardly sink lower than to behave this way.

Difficult as this is to take in or understand, humanity’s development of quality relationships lies in our growing sensitivity to the needs of others including the plant and animal kingdoms as well as the human kingdom.

Little Book Of Restorative Justice book cover

Already many people realize we are all one and have a built in relationship. Whether a tree, a bird or a person walking down the street, there is an immediate relationship. Each one has a higher purpose, a reason for living, its own proper place, activity and state of being in the natural world as well as within the cosmos.

Many people realize this now.

It is abundantly seen around us in the rapid development of the conservation movement, the universal cry of humanity for justice for all and in the movement to practice restorative justice, a movement now understood as key to the fulfillment and expression of the desire of members of all kingdoms to live in alignment with our higher purpose: to be kind to all.

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