The Great Invocation Prayer Brings Peace and Joy

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The Great Invocation Prayer Brings Peace and Joy

great invocationSaying The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation is one of the oldest prayers ever given to humankind.

It has been given to us in differing forms from time to time depending on the spiritual need of humanity.

Like an arrow speeding to its goal, the Invocation is a gift to be received with gratitude. Then as you join other people and become a group, it is a gift to be sent for the healing of humanity and the earth.

The Great Invocation crosses boundaries between lands and cultures and it moves easily between time zones when those who say it, speak it with intentionality.

As with any gift, it contains both life and death and everything in between. It is also a vessel capable of holding intentions of wholeness and perfection and sending them where they are needed, as long as they are sent with a heart full of compassion, kindness and goodwill.

It is both a simple and wise appeal; it is far-seeing and touches your innermost parts with grace and beauty and beckons you to pay attention to the truth that lies within as it also urges you to make manifest in the world what has been given you from within.

It contains the music of the spheres, the song of the birds, the roar and power of the ocean. A baby’s smile can put you in touch with the great prayer’s infinitude. The arrangement of seeds within a sunflower can open cosmic harmonies hidden within the Invocation to you.

It can bring peace and joy even under the most trying and vexing of circumstances. It is a bridge that when crossed can open consciousness of the Whole and unity with the One to you.

Say it daily. Allow yourself to become one with it. Your doing so can change you and the entire world.

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  1. Beautiful I found this very helpful..deepening ones appreciation of the invisible power at work behind the Words..I cam across the following quite recently and felt it appropriate to share here..

    .’behind language is invisible, an invisible energy. From that point of view, a word or a sentence, when spoken with attention, is charged with a special energy. Energy follows attention—where I put my attention there follows a flow of force—and where there’s an inner presence accompanying what is expressed, power is added to whatever is spoken..’

    Thank you so much Rebecca..

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