The Soul of Discrimination

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The Soul of Discrimination

The Soul of Discrimination

divine-presenceHave you ever needed to buy another house?  Your ability to discriminate or not will show up when you do. Perhaps you have been invited to a grand event and realize you need to buy a new dress or suit for the occasion. Or maybe you need a legal specialist for something and have checked out and met several people whose expertise you need, but you can’t decide which one to choose.

Discrimination is involved in all these situations and seldom do we realize that our choices are poor because we have failed to realize that the Divine is present in all these situations, but unfortunately goes unrecognized.

In most situations like these we have learned to rely on the ego, and let the personality take the lead, make the decisions based on opinions, likes or dislikes, on  dualistic thinking—at its worst, either/or,  up or down.

purposeAfter years of study of the Perennial Philosophy, I have discovered the law that the Divine, the One is all there is, and is, therefore, behind everything that occurs. It has Purpose and awaits our sensitivity to correctly interpret and translate into meaningful terms.

However, to interpret It, we must realize that everything in creation has a reason for being. A good part of the reason we are here is that we have a reason for being here–a Purpose.  Once found it is palpable.

So important is it that we discover this central point of Life itself, we must also realize the hidden purpose of our learning in life is to help us absorb as children those facts and ideas that will serve us well as responsible adults.  As youngsters our vision is long and clear. We are closer to the murmurings of the soul whose purpose is to make a contribution  to the whole through the personality.

Steve_Jobs_IphoneSteve Jobs serves as an example of a man born with a purpose.  People like Steve know it early on and seem to have an inner drive to fulfill their purpose no matter what.  Steve Jobs, with his iPad, iPod and Apple computer do the most amazing things!

Perhaps what he was showing us is that we also have the capabilities to do what electronic gadgets do. One day we will do that but first we have to understand the purpose of the gift of discrimination.

No longer will we live in a dualistic world where the opposites prevail. Instead we will be sensitive to the vision of the whole so that we can live the purpose of the soul. Like Steve Jobs we make our own unique contribution to the world.

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Rebecca Field   © 3/20/2014

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