The Soul of Great Relationships

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The Soul of Great Relationships

Let’s Be Best Friends: The Soul of Great Relationships

american-supermarketThere are a few lasting stories about going to the supermarket that linger in mind as a choice expression of the best that’s in us. Here’s what happened to me on one shopping trip.

Readers outside the United States may not be familiar with the way an American supermarket is laid out with many long aisles running parallel to each other with shelves stacked high with food items on each side of an aisle, but I found myself like a salmon about to spawn as I was going the opposite direction from most of the other customers in my local store. In the first aisle I passed a woman who smiled back as she pushed her cart the opposite direction.

supermarket-aisle-women-pushing-caddyWe passed by each other again on the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth aisles. When we were about to pass on the seventh aisle we saw each other again.

This time when she saw me coming, she smiled and with a twinkle in her eye, she commented in a friendly way, “If we pass just once more, we’ll be best friends!”

Of course, I laughed and agreed then offered, “That would be a great idea!”

Not only was I delighted by the humor of her comment, but its ramifications lingered with me as I finished shopping.

The woman spoke from the standpoint of genuine friendliness, that wonderful one-pointed thrust of the human heart as it reaches out to another.

The gesture of friendship seemed to open unseen doors to far larger things like the Plan, bypassing the need for personality involvement. Only then is it possible to cooperate with divine Purpose.

Just as one cannot buy everything at the supermarket, he cannot assist with every aspect of a Master’s work.

The Plan

Fortunately for humanity we are given the opportunity to choose some phase of the Plan that moves us to deep and lasting caring and the huge effort it takes to bring some aspect of the Plan to fruition.

discipleship-in-the-new-age-alice-bailey-lucis-trustThe activities and group work to which we are attracted not only are an indication of deep psychological resources where we have something to give or to those inner barriers which are yet to be overcome through that effort.

A pledged disciple takes the Plan into consideration as much as he can with the consciousness he has developed.

He registers what he can of the Plan and cooperates as fully as he can with it.

The Plan is always in his consciousness and is the intelligent background around which he chooses to serve, to relate, and to be.

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  1. Thank you, Rebecca!
    What a wonderful Aquarian story, almost like a parable… And yet so personal and true.Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.

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