To Choose The Fire of The Cosmos is now available on Amazon!

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To Choose The Fire of The Cosmos is now available on Amazon!

To Choose The Fire Of The Cosmos by Dr Rebecca A Field, PhD

From the foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama…..

“It is time we discovered our human potential and the positive role that we can play in making this earth, our habitat, a place fit to live it. I am sure this book will contribute to creating such awareness”

“An inspiring book about how to partner with the Universe to reach a higher spiritual standard and move in the direction of practicing brotherhood for global understanding. It will inspire you to meet the call“.~~Janice Dugas, Canada

“This book has left a lasting impression of the amazing possibilities that are in front of us.”~~ Jennifer McDonnell, Australia

God is really trying to pull me up to enlightenment through this book“~~`Naomi Rose, USA

Transforming the Planetary Crisis by the Power of the Cosmos.

Our world is torn apart by war, pollution, and superstition. At this point in history, we have the opportunity and power to transform and heal our world with our divine spark and spiritual potential.

In this book, Dr. Rebecca Field distills a life time of study in global spirituality, human potential and ancient traditions into an inspiring and practical book that will help you:

• Find happiness as you communicate your special message to the world
• Become clear about who you are what you are here to do for the world
• Identify and act on the greatness within you as you engage in planetary service.

To Choose The Fire Of The Cosmos by Rebecca A fieldClick here to get your copy today!

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