Leadership Comes From Within

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Leadership Comes From Within

Leadership Comes From Within

quality leadersThe nurture and development of quality leaders is always a topic of interest and likely will capture human attention far into the future.

Perhaps leaders are few and far between now. Is it true that the times make the leaders or do the leaders create the time and situations that affect many people?

Out of that black or white notion, one wonders if there is a magical “third” that enables us to rise above the negative conditions of the time and to choose to follow the leader who leads because he is in tune not only with his own soul, the people who follow and she or he has far-reaching ideas about the solution to problems people face.

What are some of the special qualities that make a leader capable of leading others?

Leaders have the natural gift of being able to read people. She or he understands what drives the desires and needs of others. They also read the environment with clarity and objectivity and they understand the forces at work in a given situation.

our-souls-at-work-mark-l-russellReally outstanding leaders are in touch with their soul. They read, sense or interpret the higher information their own soul constantly sends the conscious mind. They read inwardly to the soul and outwardly to people and the environment and they hold the tension of the inner vision using their own will and power of intention.

When we use the example of Wangari Maathai as a global leader for the green movement we find a woman who realized that the way to help Africa was to gather a few fellow workers and start to plant trees.

Wungari MaathaiBy the time she was finished she lead others in planting a million or more trees on the African continent. It was a mammoth feat to accomplish and because she had the vision to make the idea a reality, she has improved the life of every living being on the planet because in the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange, trees breathe life into every living being on the planet. Wangari Maathai’s gift was the gift of life.

She was an outstanding leader and had a powerful vision. However, without the will, the willingness to sacrifice, and the love she held, she would not have made the huge contribution she did to life on our planet.

Real leadership involves intuitive knowing of what has to be done.

Quality leaders in every area of human endeavor make huge sacrifices to get to the goals they know are necessary as a step in the long chain of human spiritual aspiration and getting the work of the world done.

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