What is the Life Divine?

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What is the Life Divine?

In the past Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga took me by storm and his master work, The Life Divine, became the source of many elevated thoughts.

What is the Life Divine?

Sri_AurobindoAurobindo says that “the divine expresses himself as existence, consciousness, bliss wisdom, knowledge, love, beauty and as the impersonal and universal powers of himself…but he is not an impersonal state; he is the Being, absolute, universal and individual.”

Source: The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo, Vol. II, p. 1069.

It is not impossible that there is both a co-existence and one existence. The impersonal and the Person are each other, yield to each other and embrace each other.

They are each other. There is no separation. They may appear different but they are the same.

The reason this comes up is because humans tend to think in terms of dualities and part of the quest of the New Age is to learn to think in terms of Oneness for Oneness is all there is.

Many of us are still so caught up with the dualities and dramas that go on within and around us that there is no chance for the One to bloom in our hearts and minds.

The point is that “God comes disguised as your life,” as Paula D’Arcy likes to remind us.

It is important that we recognize our intimate unity with life so we can be the World Servers we were meant to be in the beginning.

Then we can freely and joyfully externalize and serve humanity in our own unique and very special way.

To your Divine Life!
Rebecca Field

PS: Inspired by ‘Founding the Life Divine‘ by Morwenna Donnelly, Jaico Publishing House, India, 1957.

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  1. Oneness is but a concept of “potential” which cannot be actually experienced except through the Trinity of the BET (Basic Equation of Truth) as (+=-) where the connective Spirit (of the Whole) is the (=).

    IMnsHO and E.

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