Aquarian Age – What’s in A Word?

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Aquarian Age – What’s in A Word?

Perhaps futurists think differently from others! What do you think of when one of your friends mentions the Aquarian Age?

abstract word cloud for age of aquarius

While we may still have a toe in the Piscean Age, our times suggest that the energy of Aquarius is getting stronger by the day.

Most North American, Japanese, European and Australian homes and many around the world now have a television set, a computer and a smart phone.

If you’re looking for a computer programming job in California, it is likely that with your oral interview, you will also have to take a five hour written test on algorithms useful in certain very specific computer applications.

Some of the characteristics of the Aquarian Era are loving detachment and impersonality and a powerful urge to serve others.

Aquarius is an air sign and a sign of the mind and its use.

Look around and you’ll find signs of it everywhere. Children are much more detached than they used to be, people are generally ready to deal with ideas.

One of the things you can’t help but notice is that human creativity is to be found in every aspect of life. Not only is it evident in the efflorescence of the arts but a kind of synthesis is occurring as people engage more and more in activities of the mind.

Humankind is learning to mix of energies of the sacral and the throat centers. Great universities increasingly demand their students create and execute projects combining several academic disciplines.

brain drawing with wordsThe development of creativity is noteworthy because creativity itself is full of new ideas, experimentation and even feelings. The growth of human creativity is boosted by Aquarian Age energies.

There are groups in many countries dealing with the need for social change, a clearer sense of responsibility and the engendering of a compassionate heart.

It is a much needed and extremely difficult thing for over seven billion human beings to change, but it is necessary and will take clarity of vision, cooperation, understanding and time.

What is beginning to happen under the influence of Aquarius is a stupendous thing and it is happening in humankind generally and pointedly in more and more individuals. The human race is symbolically merging with divinity and the blending takes place within the human head. [1]

chakra energy fieldThe subtle centers from the base of the spine to the throat are beginning to be expressed by more and more people. It is happening all over the planet, to those of both sexes, all races, religions and political persuasions. The energy even reaches to the head center and the ajna center between the eyebrows symbolizing spirit and matter.

The soul comes forth and makes the mental and emotional expressions more clear and powerful. The word Aquarius indicates the evolving, expanding, and externalizing of consciousness in the world.[2]

Do look for it. You’ll find it in amazing places!

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1 Esoteric Psychology, Volume I, Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing Company;, New York, 1970, p. 290.
2 Soul Centered Astrology, Alan Oken, Bantam Books, New York, 1990, p. 231.

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  1. Thank You dear Rebecca very helpful at this pivotal time of opportunity. The term Aquarian Age invites us to consider more deeply the nature of ‘creative tension’ so many ‘adjustments ‘ to be experienced as we ‘align’ with higher frequencies.
    Sharing ❤️

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