Worlds of Contentment

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Worlds of Contentment
ultrasound image of baby in mother's womb

ultrasound image of baby in mother’s womb

Worlds of Contentment

Not long ago an expectant grandmother was presented with a copy an ultra-sound image of her soon to be born granddaughter.

The grandmother was delighted to see the fetus who was clearly sleeping on the folded placenta with her hands supporting her head. During gestation the ears gradually move back into position for life in the world. The tiny child’s ears were almost in position for active life outside.

The thing that left the grandmother starry-eyed was the expression of peace and contentment on the child’s face.

Even though the fingers were perfectly formed, they obviously needed to grow more before birth, the little face wore a contented smile. Yes, it was clearly contentment that radiated unmistakably from the yet unborn’s little face.

Grandmother was amazed that the child’s facial features could be distinguished so early in her granddaughter’s development, clearly enough that real feeling could be discerned on the face. Even though the fetus was in a very small space, she seemed to be participating in a state of mind that was aware of the perfection of her current situation. She seemed to know just how to make the most of her confined environment.

It was unmistakable to the grandmother that the little fetus seemed to recognize that under her circumstances everything was fair, good and right.

Whatever problems the fetus had, were already worked out. Grandmother projected her thoughts into the future of the coming child and wondered what her granddaughter would learn in a spiritual way during her lifetime.

Would the coming baby have a life goal and would she finally meet the goal her soul had set for her?

What would the child’s natural gifts be? Importantly, from a higher level, would the child someday recognize and understand her native gifts and make the most of the opportunities that would come her way using her native talents?

Would she have the stamina and wisdom to do what she could to make these endowments her own lifetime contributions to a needy humanity?

grandmother_with_childWould the coming child, her granddaughter, whom she already loved, use her natural gifts to create some kind of good for those around her in later life and use her contributions to others as a strongly determined effort to bring the ideal she envisions, even now, before she is born into some kind of worthwhile expression for others to learn from later on?

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