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The-Great-Invocation -A-Handbook-by-Rebecca-Field

The Great Invocation

As a global citizen and humanitarian networker, Dr. Field has studied The Great Invocation prayer for quite some years now and has come to the conclusion that its power will help the evolution of humanity, especially when spoken with consciousness and awareness.


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To Choose The Fire of The Cosmos

Rebecca Field’s first book –To Choose the Fire of the Cosmos, is alive with New Age information and gives hope and promise about the future of the Earth and its inhabitants. The book is about humanity and its potential to be a positive force in evolution.


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Greatness 21 Compelling Stories That Open the Heart

Greatness – 21 Compelling Stories That Open the Heart

Rebecca Field’s most recent book is now available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble! It talks about greatness, and how it has been expressed in ways you never thought possible! True experiences from around the world.


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