Unrecognized Feeling Energies

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Unrecognized Feeling Energies

Recently there has been a noteworthy outcry from the American people about the importance of family and family living, a child’s need for continuing security arising from nurturing support, familiar faces who provide kind and supportive treatment, loving community support by both mother and father whose bonding and care for their children is a life or death matter, especially for babies and very young children. 

Babies and children who receive enough bonding, parental closeness at all levels, gentle speech, careful handling, and kind treatment tend to live and become healthy and happy young people. Without this love and level of caring, many perish and even develop poor behavioral tendencies, and often wind up in jails and prisons and end up costing the society they love huge amounts of money for incarceration, medical care and education.

We must remember that the emotions in humans are still very strong determiners of later life behavior. Children are particularly sensitive to the emotions of their parents.  A distinction needs to be made between emotions and feelings. Emotions are those sensitivities that lean toward the negative: fear, anger, hatred, misalignment with the environment and with society and other people. On the other hand, feelings are those sensitivities to others that arise from the openness and warmth of the heart and express the spectrum of love which is immense.

You may wonder why the love of the universal heart rings so loudly and clearly in the human heart. It is because each one of us is sensitive to the emotions and feelings we are surrounded by and create within ourselves. Whether or not we want to recognize it, these very subtle energies affect us in the wide scope of our sentient nature. 

On a larger scale, the range of the body of humanity, the human heart is open to the sentient energies of our planet, the sensitive energies coming from all the planets, and especially now, the energies coming from the sign of the zodiac the earth has entered, Aquarius, as well as the very delicate energies that are discharged from the sun.

There are some people scattered all over the world who are sensitive to one or more of these energies.  They also have the capability of decreasing the energies for the purpose of enabling the leaders of the race to work with humanity so that they, in turn, will lead people all over the world in the direction of human spiritual evolution. It happens this way because most people are not yet sensitive enough to understand these very subtle energies.

It happens this way as a result of the activity of those who grasp these energies and to do things in the human world that foster the development of the human soul and push the individual to sense and constructively use the power of the sentient spectrum of energy that rages from the highest feelings to the lowest of emotions.

We are all subject to these energies.  Are you one who is sensitive to them? If you are, what are you doing with them to help humanity along?

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  1. this is such a wonderful sharing bringing in heart and soul frequencies

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