Human Ego in the Spiritual Journey

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Human Ego in the Spiritual Journey

Human EgoWhere is the Human Ego in the Spiritual Journey?

No matter what the religious tradition, accolades, trust, fame and inspiration go to those who don’t talk much about themselves.

Perhaps the reason some people don’t speak much about themselves is because they have learned to decentralize.They have lived beyond the need to talk about themselves.

There are certain rules of the spiritual life that have been established for hundreds, even thousands of years. One of the time honored rules is related to our recognition of the Whole, a spiritual process which recognizes the importance of service to the earth and humanity.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of people around you who want especially to give back, to turn over a portion of their energy to something larger or to someone else?

They desire to give back to the source of life, the earth, other people and the lower kingdoms. This desire, even urge, is very strong in many people currently. It is as if there were a great need to move away from the common, ordinary and constant reference to “I”. It comes with a definite growth in consciousness and the assumption of greater planetary responsibilities.

It is now the willingness to serve humanity that is most needed and with it the ability to transmute emotional devotion into generous and caring service to humanity.

One of the things we have to get used to as we move through this “bump in the road” is that language is shifting to accommodate this subtle change in viewpoint. It acclimatizes us to subtlety of thought that has previously been absent.

Source of LifeMore and more people are ready to take the leap into service of humanity. There is even recognition that there is a subtle world that we don’t know much about yet. Nevertheless, people recognize it and speak of it, because they sense or feel it.

Growth in the ability to decentralize, i.e., the purposeful and conscious avoidance of reference to “I”, marks a significant part of spiritual development. It is an inner movement that, when genuine and authentic, marks the recognition of the Whole and its importance in contrast with ourselves.

Learning decentralization is accomplished by active use of the will. To do this demands that we correctly hold tension which is to create within ourselves a divine triplicity consisting of brain, soul, and will as we learn to express ourselves clearly and convincingly without using “I”. We gradually learn to express ourselves this way no matter what comes up or what the circumstances are.

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