About Humility and Committing To Being Humble To Each Other

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About Humility and Committing To Being Humble To Each Other

Commit To Being Humble To Each Other

the-hope-andrew-harvey2017 is here in all its glory and the world hopes it will be a year of respite from the traumas of 2016.

One of my favorite books is Andrew Harvey’s, The Hope.

It is about what he calls ‘sacred activism’, a world totally devoted to dedicated action for others.

It seems likely that it will take a very long time for the world to get it, but the world is better off because some people are now committed to serving humanity and nature, thus making themselves better human beings by developing humility in themselves and serving others.

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Humility, like gratitude and forgiveness, is a pivotal state of mind. When it is held with committed intention, with unwavering certitude, it can help a pilgrim find his way more quickly. The great gift of the service to serve more people and perhaps more fully than they have ever been served before.

quote about humilityHumility is a way of learning self-sacrifice, developing the ability to let go of the desires the small self. It is definitely not living in a state of inferiority that makes everyone uncomfortable nor is it self-disparagement or self-denigration. Rather humility is a state of conscious wherein our main concern is to act for the benefit of others no matter what.

The humility used here is sacrificial in nature. It participates in the long view of people, events and circumstances and at the same time is able to be mentally and emotionally detached while still being compassionate.

It’s a tall order and also one that produces spiritual growth because one of humility’s characteristics is lack of referral to the personality.

While we can be grateful for our personality and take wise care of it, we are careful not to overdo it.

True humility is naturally self-respectful. It is a state of consciousness that a pilgrim’s main concern is to act for the benefit of others no matter what. He always has a ready state of mind that is willing to be open and correct those aspects of the personality that stand in the way of progress and service to others, whether in the domain of creating quality relationships or steadfastly living the life of one on the larger journey of life.

quote on true humilityBeing humble is a conscious state and often requires silence. In the place of words, there is perhaps a smile, an open-minded attitude, an unprejudiced self-evaluation, and with meditation there could even be a creative idea for bettering situations, events and relationships!

The essence of humility is living it.

That way others know it when they see it. It consists of the Christ consciousness and knowing right proportion with regard to the personality.

Genuine humility is very far-sighted. It contains a vision of wholeness and the inner knowing of interconnection.

A result of humility is vision of the whole in relation to the pressure of lack of time. In this period when chaos seems to run rampant all over the world, the ability to take the personality in hand and serve others and this planet no matter what, calmly and with joy, can help stabilize humility within and radiate its energy without.

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