You are not alone and you are needed

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You are not alone and you are needed

You are needed just where you are

you are needed challengesWe often think to ourselves that we are the only ones around who have problems or challenges to overcome. In most of us there is a tendency to feel that we are alone in bearing this or that situation or challenge, only to find out that we are not alone.

In groups formed for the purpose of looking honestly at ourselves, we hear other people share their troubles as well as the emotions arising from the problem they face. We find in time and with experience that we are not alone in having a problem to solve, a situation to heal or an obstacle to overcome.

The simple fact is that to some extent we all face amazingly similar difficulties. We are not alone or unique or even particularly badly hurt by certain experiences.

you are neededWhy is it then that we feel that we bear more pain from life than others?

In a higher sense there is no truth in idle negative judgments about ourselves. If we look harder at the larger expanse of our lives and are able to be honest with ourselves, we find in many cases, that our lives are freer of serious challenges than most. We have the fabulous opportunity to help others.

Some of us are given this huge opportunity to do or be something that will make a difference for others, perhaps even whole kingdoms in nature, like Wangari Mathai did when she decided to plant trees all over Africa. In her work alone and with the help of many other women, she planted over a million trees. In doing that a large amount of oxygen was created for the entire planet, a boon to a small planet choked with highways, cement, houses and factories.

The lesson is that we are needed just where we are. You have created certain life circumstances. It doesn’t take much effort to reach out. However, a decision has to be made!

  • The big question is will you make the decision?
  • Are you willing to commit yourself to something larger than your own self-interest?
  • Have you proven to yourself that you have the persistence to start something and see it to its conclusion whatever it may be?
  • Are you willing to take the time from the ‘rat race’ you have enmeshed yourself in to meditate and observe yourself?

The first step in the process of self-discovery is to look at the way you influence and affect others around you. If you are willing to go on this amazing trip of self-discovery and contribution, you will find yourself developing a sense of humor, an impartial attitude and compelling genuineness—all qualities that others will like.

You will also find you are needed. Realizing that and doing something about it is where the magic really is!

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