Soul Creates and Crosses the Burning Ground

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Soul Creates and Crosses the Burning Ground

Soul Creates and Crosses the Burning Ground

The last few years have been laden with difficulty for humanity. We have had to steady ourselves in the face of the heavy bombardment of floods, tsunamis, typhoons, hurricanes, fires, bomb explosions, wars, economic and climate crises and the list goes on and on.

In spite of the problems humanity is learning and handling the setbacks with intelligence and wisdom.

We all know that anything is possible. We also intuitively recognize that, in a sense, we are all subject to the fire of the burning ground.

It is not a fire that is present to remove the stain of sin nor does it cause agony or grief. Nothing like that!earth-grounds-on-fire

As a whole group and as a single unit humankind traverses the burning ground.

Together we prepare ourselves and each other to pass through the burning ground that prepares us for the beginning of the spiritual path. Some people call it an initiation.

In a very genuine way the whole lot of humanity currently experiences the heat, the problems and the lessons that go with the burning ground.

While we all undergo the heat of the problems, we must also face the cataclysms on our own as individuals. Spiritually we have no choice other than to accept them.

There is an exceptional fire that comes along. It seems to be a fire in the emotional part of the being. You have thought that because the symbols of murkiness surround you, the problems you face are related to the emotions. For some people the heat is in the emotions.

power of the fireFor some people the fire is on the mental level and is related to understanding the problem.

The point is that there comes a time when we all must accept and take on the certainty that we know.

Hard as that may be, we have to know within ourselves that we have to move ahead with what we know. We have to proceed with our work knowing that we have something to give and we must give it.


Doing so is scary because we think we know little. Yet by putting ourselves in the position of having to practice what we know, all kinds of things will finally show up.

In the end, we’ll experience the value of the burning ground. We’ll also find that the soul works through the head center and lights the mind.

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